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Learn to Ski Better For the past 50 years, Warren Miller Films has traveled around the globe capturing footage of the world's best skiers and snow boarders on the most challenging terrain. There are common skills which all these athletes share that makes them the best. In conjunction with the Professional Ski Instructors of America, Warren Miller Films brings you a series of instructional videos like youve never seen before.

Learn to Ski I provides unparalleled ski instruction for introductory level, using the PSIA System. It includes a section on mind/ body awareness to improve overall ability and coordination. Learn to Ski offers beginning skiers basic skills, techniques and tips that will help you get comfortable on the slopes.

Learn to Ski II is the first-of-its-kind instructional video that will reveal the techniques which enable seasoned skiers to carve powerful, efficient turns, descend the most extreme faces, float effortlessly through powder, fly smoothly through moguls, ski tight lines through trees, and try some new moves at the terrain park. Learn to Ski II teaches intermediate and advanced skiers specific techniques and tips that will help them improve their performance on the most challenging terrain. A variety of visual aids will translate the tips you see into techniques you'll use and results you'll feel.

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