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EXTREME FEAR: Winter Shreds & Summer Rips


2 X 50 Min


Category :   Sports Programs


"Winter Shreds" soars off the dangerous edge of steep ice-covered cliffs around the globe with World Class extreme skiers and snowboarders, capturing heart-stopping feats of courage and sheer insanity. Join outrageous TERRY COOK, THE DESLAURIERSBROTHERS and the rest of the EXTREME TEAM skiers who started it all as they journey throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and exotic south America in search of the ultimate cliffs and the most devastating vertical drops. Then drop in with World Champion Snowboarder DAMIAN SANDERS, DAVE SEOANE and the world's best snowboarders as they surf the earth's most radical and beautiful terrain.

SUMMER RIPS "Summer Rips" takes you to the exotic beaches of Indonesia, South Africa, Japan, Hawaii, Australia, California and the South of France where these new breed of daredevil surfers, wind-crazed wavesailors and professional circuit jet-skiers face the most colossal, mountain-sized waves and the greatest tubular action on earth. Catch World Champion Pro Surfer BRAD GERLACH and friends surfing au natural, top windsurfers TONY BARBIERI and IAN BOYD flipping killer 360 degree loops and "HOLLYWOOD" SCOTTWATKINS doing stunts with a jet ski that you never thought possible!

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