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MAN OF PAIN - The Holy Shroud


55 Min


Category :   Religious Programs


Chosen as the official documentary of the 1998 public ostension (April 19-June 14) in the Piedmontese capital by the Comitato per l Ostensione della Sindone, THE MAN OF PAIN- The Shroud of Turin is both an original and investigative study of the phenomenon of the Shroud and its history.

THE MAN OF PAIN- The Shroud of Turin is directed by the acclaimed Michelangelo Dotta, with over 90 documentaries to his credit, and features a recital from CRYING OF THE MADONNA written by Jacopone da Todi and performed by the celebrated actress, Franca Nuti. It is the only documentary project to ever include images of the Shroud (filmed during a private ostension in HDVS) and contains original photography of places related to the Shroud and along the path that led to Turin (including Jerusalem, St. Catherine' Monastery, the Sinai, Edessa, Istanbul, Lirey, St. Hypolite, Chambery and more). The program also focuses on the debate surrounding the age and origin of the Shroud and what it has come to symbolize.

"once the man of the Shroud was revealed, intact with his disturbing and silent pain, there was a need to return him to the world; to its atmosphere, its scents, the winds, the eyes and hands that, for who knows how many centuries, have cherished, transported and protected him."

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