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65 X 26 Min


Category :   Reality Programs

Produced by COPS (TM) creator and executive producer, John Langley, the brand new reality series POLICE BEAT continues the tradition of presenting true stories of cops on the job. Shot on location in cities across the United States, POLICE BEAT also offers a real and riveting portrait of crime in America.

Using the same cinema verite style, each story unfolds with the immediacy and unpredictability of COPS (TM). But POLICE BEAT goes a step further. By using hosted wraparounds, we are often able to provide context for the crimes, and let viewers know what happened after the cameras stopped rolling. Host Rey Verdugo, a veteran of 34 years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, shares information, personal anecdotes and his experience that provide depth to the show in a way no actor can. Verdugo has personally investigated over 600 homicides. He doesn't just talk the talk... he walks the walk.

The stories in POLICE BEAT are as varied as the people whose lives they affect. From simple burglaries and petty thefts to frustrating homicide investigations. From the adrenalin rush of a hot pursuit to the tension of undercover stings. The stories may be exciting, tragic, poignant and, sometimes, even a little humorous.

POLICE BEAT was created by award-winning and Emmy-nominated producer, writer and director, John Langley. Langley is best known as the co-creator of the venerable reality series COPS (TM), with over 500 produced episodes, but he also created and produced the reality shows CODE 3 (R) and COP FILES (R), numerous documentary and TV specials, as well as three feature films.

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