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Cesaria Evora in Concert - 89 Min


Category :   Performing Arts Programs


Born in 1941 in the port town of Mindelo on the Capo Verde island of Sao Vicente, Cesaria Evora, also known as Cize, was discovered in 1988 at the ripe age of 47.

Known as the "barefoot diva" because of her propensity to appear on stage in her bare feet in support of the disadvantaged women and children of her country, Cesaria is known for her sentimental folk tunes filled with longing and sadness. Accompanied with the acoustic sounds of guitar, cavaquinho, violin, accordion and clarinet, her blues often speak of Capo Verde's long and bitter history of isolation, slave trade and emigration - Almost two-thirds of the million Capo Verdeans live abroad. Cesaria's conveyance of longing is reminiscent of Amalia Rodrigues and her smooth voice is comparable to the legendary Billie Holiday.

Known as the queen of the Morna, a soulful genre sung in Creole-Portugese, her music also connects the fado of Portugal to the choro of Brazil and other forms of the formerly Portugese colonial islands off the Northwest coast of Africa.

Now a whiskey-drinking, cigarette-puffing grandmother, Cesaria Evora is an international sensation - Her Grammy-nominated self-titled debut topped year-end critics lists in more than a dozen publications and remained in the top 5 albums of Billboard's world music chart for more than six months prompting the likes of The New York Times to write "Her songs of loss and longing are as heart-rending as they are spellbinding."

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