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An Encounter with the Past - 52 Min


Category :   Performing Arts Programs


An Encounter With the Past is a journey of healing and reconciliation that is laced around an epic musical and a small industrial German city. Originally conceived and written by Kurt Weill, the play The Eternal Road was first performed in 1937 in New York and directed by Max Reinhardt. It has now come full circle to the former East German town of Chemnitz to be performed by a German theatre company helmed by the principal conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, John Mauceri.

The Eternal Road is an opera that foreshadowed the fate of German Jewry. It is a testament of spirituality that began in the summer of 1934 at a castle in the Austrian Alps. There, a Viennese novelist, Franz Werfel, an exiled German opera composer, Kurt Weill and a theater director from Berlin, Max Reinhardt, made a pact - To compose an epic opera that symbolized the threatened condition of their people. The result was The Eternal Road (Der Weg Der Verheissung) - A biblical morality play that would later prove a prophecy for the Jews who once called Germany their home. Disembark on an odyssey along the life of The Eternal Road - A journey that began in pre-war Chemnitz about a generation that lived through the most tumultuous period of the twentieth century told through the eyes of Ron Frank, whose family came from Chemnitz, about a play that began as a warning and now ends in healing.

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