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Aviation Survival Training - 52 Min


Category :   Documentary Features & Specials

How long can the average person hold their breath? How do you get out of an airplane after it has crashed and is sinking into the sea? What is the biggest threat that faces people aboard a life raft at sea? How important is the ability to tell a joke when disoriented, wet, cold, suffering from dehydration and starving? Welcome to the finest survival training centers in the world.

In CRASH LANDING, we will take to the air with flight crews as they are put to the ultimate test of survival - Taking viewers along a grueling six-week course that is intended to prepare pilots for the unimaginable. Following the course with both cadets and their instructors, real life experiences, harrowing tales of survival, diaries and interviews with pilots from Vietnam to the Persian Gulf War, we will piece together the dramatic story of survival training and the lives it saves.

Using high definition cameras, creative cinematography, dramatically shot reenactments and effects, the critically acclaimed filmmakers at Henniger Productions will deliver the visual intensity necessary to tell the dramatic story of aviation survival training.

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