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Beyond the Prophecies - 52 Min


Category :   Documentary Features & Specials

His voice continues to echo through the corridors of time... His predictions are frighteningly accurate... and every few years, when a calamity of horrific proportions hits mankind, we remember the man who foresaw it all...

Who was Michel de Nostradame (1503-1566), the man who continues to mystify and intrigue humanity over 400 years after his death? Nostradamus, a French professor, physician, astrologer, mathematician and brilliant scholar, won lasting fame in 1559 when King Henry II died in a manner predicted in "Centuries" - one of Nostradamus' works of prophecies.

After his family fell victims to the plague, Nostradamus moved to Spain. These years of solitude resulted in over 1,300 prophecies - Many so frightening in detail, they continue to influence our lives today. His predictions include the French Revolution, the fierce rule of Napoleon, both World Wars, the rise and collapse of the Third Reich, the invention of nuclear arsenals and their devastation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Kennedy assassinations, man's landing on the moon, the fatal attack on Pope Paul VI, Ayatollah Khomeni's revolution, the Persian Gulf conflict, an array of natural disasters, including our possible demise by global warming, and the rise of the Third Anti-Christ.

Nostradamus maintained that his visions, if properly acted upon, could be avoided - His predictions would come true only if we stood idly by and did nothing to alter our fate. When interpreting his four-line prophetic quatrains, one has to remember that Nostradamus would have been prosecuted had people suspected he was documenting his visions and that many things in contemporary times did not exist in the 16th century, therefore, these enigmatic oracles must be deciphered.

Through the words of Nostradamus himself, and the interpretations of the world's leading expert on Nostradamus and best-selling author, John Hogue, the program examines the life and intrigue of this compelling scholar and documents his predictions - More than two hundred of which are so specific in detail, they include actual names and dates. Furthermore, the program quests into the future by decoding many of his prophecies which extend and will in influence mankind until the year 3797.

"The man from the East will come out of his seat... He will fly through the sky, the rains and the snow and strike everyone with his rod."

"The place surrounded by hallow mountains [skyscrapers] will be destroyed by a great and scattered flame."

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