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BOUNCE: Behind The Velvet Rope


87 Min


Category :   Documentary Features & Specials


The nightlife. People are ready to dance, drink and party; they are ready for anything. But they are not alone. They are always being watched. Nightclubs are replete with interesting characters, but none moreso than that looming presence straddling the velvet rope. Who is this apparent muscle-head with the dual responsibility of keeping the peace and separating the "in-crowd" from the "out-crowd"? The Bouncer. Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope goes inside the mindset of these frequently ridiculed, but always feared enforcers of the night. Who are these men? Are they programmed gorillas only there to flex and look tough, or are they highly skilled and efficient security experts with the ability to sniff out trouble and chic with equal discretion? Are they in it for the money, the love, or for the excuse to knock heads? Is being a bouncer just a job, or is it a way of life - An entry into an elite fraternity? As part of their work routine, bouncers break up fights, reject rowdy patrons, assist drunk clientele, and, perhaps when the boss is not looking, scam some extra cash or hit on particularly attractive customers. It's all part of life behind the velvet rope. Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope spends time with these and other colorful characters, both during the day when they are "out-of-character" and during their jobs at night. The film takes a whirlwind international tour of the nightlife guided by those who see it all. The film at once glorifies and pokes fun at these supremely macho men whom we have all encountered, but to whom we have seldom devoted much attention. It takes you to the heart of the action at nightclubs and in the process weaves a comical overview of the bouncer, an oft-overlooked, but ever important cog of society.

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