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The Evolution of Modern Terrorism - 54 Min


Category :   Documentary Features & Specials

Terrorism: The use, or the threatened use, of force on innocent people, to bring about political change. Both riveting and informative, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER takes an unflinching look at terrorism. From examining its roots and historical evolution, to unveiling the organizational structure of terrorist groups today, the program investigates the geopolitical and economic environments which enable these groups to flourish and wage traumatizing campaigns of horror placing entire societies under siege.

The program also investigates the global war against terrorism, revealing the inner workings of intelligence and government agencies. It examines various deterrence mechanisms, border and immigration safeguards, technological precautions, monetary controls, and, most importantly, what preventative and humanitarian measures can be undertaken to curtail terrorist groups at their base and heal the wounds that have ripped our world apart.

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER features commentary and insight from noted terrorism expert Dr. Jonathan White, an acclaimed author and an instructor of both the criminal justice and anti-terrorism training programs.

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