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6 X 52 Min


Category :   Documentary Series


Among the thousands of animal species in existence, man chose to focus his interest in just a few. Some he made his companions, others his slaves... some became the personification of evil, others - A gift of God... some are eaten, while otehrs are sacred. For those few species in contact with man, history was altered- It no longer relates to natural history but to Animal Destiny.

The interest of Animal Destiny lies in its original concept and approach - Not a scientific or natural one, but a true saga of manking's relationship with these animals. The historic, religious and social elements that forge this relationship and its effect on the natural history of each species. Whether lyrical, humorous or tragic, Animal Destiny is a veritable history of the animal kingdom which also gives unusual insights into the history of mankind.

Animal Destiny features original sequences shot in the four corners of the world that contain exceptional visuals of dramatizations in natural settings, archival documents, collections from museums and the daily life of these animals. The series also has precise factual information and surprising revelations presented by a variety of sources.

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