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26 X 26 Min


Category :   Documentary Series



VOODOO Voodoo has traditionally been mistaken for superstition when it is in fact, a legitimate religion. Travel to Haiti with Mysterious Forces Beyond to investigate Voodoo, as the legends of the rites and rituals, zombies and possession unfold.

REINCARNATION Examine the work of therapists who explore past life regression through hypnosis, and meet the skeptics who attribute these beliefs to over-zealous therapists. We investigate the claims of those who believe they have been here before and those that prove they have through historical records.

FORTEAN TIMES Charles Fort (1874-1932) whose passion for challenging scientific dogma and archiving scientific anomalies set the standard for objective investigation of paranormal phonemes, is the focus of examination in this episode.

NATURE SPIRITS Fairies, trolls and leprechauns. "Little people" exist in legend from Europe to the native peoples of North America. Is there any truth to the lore? Mysterious Forces Beyond travels to Ireland to investigate the spirits of Nature.

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