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The Global Generation


6 X 26 Min


Category :   Documentary Series


Globalization engulfs every aspect of our lives - It is changing our workplaces, career paths, lifestyles and communities. THE GLOBAL GENERATION takes you inside this brave new world - From the cities of Europe, through North America to the underbelly of Latin America.

THE GLOBAL GENERATION portrays the conflict between human needs and economic expediency. It brings to life a complex struggle between the winners and losers of the globalization process. It documents the backlash brewing among many people who are either not on board or are in danger of being swamped by the current technological revolution.

Each of our six half-hour episodes interweaves several real-life stories and experiences illustrating why, as globalization gains momentum, there is a feeling by many that this process is out of control - From protesters venting their anger to those left behind. THE GLOBAL GENERATION explains what globalization means to everyone and the human impact it has on our world.

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