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Category :   Cultural, Travel & Adventure


Episode 0: Castles Throughout Time Castles Throughout Time is a series about the history of castles from their origins until the present. The Castles were the product of European Medieval society, and they developed and expanded throughout the Mediterranean region. Occupying more than 500 kilometers of the eastern coast of Spain, it is not surprising that the Valencia region was a popular entry point for invaders from the Mediterranean.

Episode 1: SAGUNTO, City of Discord It was here where the Romans first entered Spain, the old Hispania, after the heroic resistance of the inhabitants of the city of Sagunto in the 2 nd century bc against the armies of the Carthaginian general Hannibal.

Episode 2: ALLAH IS GREAT! The Moslems arrived on the Valencia coast in the year 713 ad, which was greatly facilitated by the signing of a pact with the Visigoth governor, Theodomirus, where the conditions of the conquest were agreed upon. The Moslems then built the first castles in the Spanish Peninsula, thus reinforcing the foundations of the new Islamic State in Spain.

Episode 3: DENIA, THE WATCHTOWER OF THE DAY In the 8 th century Hispania would be known as Al Andalus, and would reach its golden age between 10 th and 11 th centuries. Such was the power of the small kingdom od Denia that its control of trade reached out over the whole of the western Mediterranean. Its lord and master, the brilliant Muyahid, in his seaboard castle, surrounded himself with a court of wise men, intellectuals and poets formed by Moslems, Christians and Jews from far and wide.

Episode 4: FROM AFRICA THEY WILL COME The Expansionist drives of the Feudal European kingdoms, as well as the conquests of the legendary "The Cid," spelled the end of the kingdom of the Taifas. With the arrival of the Almoravids and later the Almohades, the country of Al-Andalus became part pf a vast Moslem empire with its capital in Marrakesh, Morocco. These fanatical Islamic warriors reinforced the castles along the Valencia coast in a desperate bid to ward off the inevitable.

Episode 5: King James For Valencia The Almoravides and the Almohades were c;early not strong enough to stop the feudal knights. Under the auspices of the Aragonese King James I, and with the Church solidly behind him, conquered these lands in less than a decade, founding and colonizing, in the year 1238, the new kingdom of Valencia, what is now the Community of Valencia.

Episode 6: LIONS IN WAR, Sheep in the Cloister In this episode, the history of the castles is directly linked to the origin and development of te old Templar, Hospitaller, Santiago and Montesa Knight Orders, who gave their lives to defend the sacred grounds of Christian Jerusalem.

Episode 7: The Dance of Death "There was a time when life revolved around the castle, from it governed the nobility, and above it, only God's heaven extended." This documentary is a journey through the Middle Ages. All the words and opinions expressed in it have been reproduced from the texts of the period. The words speak for themselves.

Episode 8: Circles of Stone From the destruction of the biblical city of Jericho to the Roman Empire, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, cities fortified by circles of stone were to be silent witnesses of the evolution of mankind. The guardians of the progress of society.

Episode 9: Once Upon a Time A trip through time, through the mythology that surrounds the castles and their inhabitants. The castle is intrinsically connected to fantasy. Even a part of a tower or wall is sufficient to conjure up in the mind of the visitor a grandiose world of tournaments, princes, witches, secret passageways and dungeons.

Episode 10: Sentinels of the Sea The expansion of the Turkish Empire and the possible loss of control of the Mediterranean in the 16 th century led the Spanish Emperor Philip II to order the building of watchtowers and fortifications to defend the coasts. This strategy was to be repeated along the costs of Central America and the Philippines.

Episode 11: Iron and Fire The first conflicts between the emerging English Empire and the French were fought out in the Mediterranean against the backdrop of an imperial Spain in decline. A once glorious empire now having to defend itself in international conflicts like the War of Succession in the 18 th century, or the War of Independence against the French in the 19 th century.

Episode 12: Travelers and Fortresses Castles played a vital role in times of war and peace until the arrival of the industrial revolution and new strategies in modern warfare led to the abandonment of these ancient fortresses, testament of a time that is no more. The portraits of the region drawn by travelers of days gone by have helped us to underhand and appreciate the evolution of the castles and the landscape that surrounds them.

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