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Category :   Cultural, Travel & Adventure


CITIES OF THE WORLD depicts the ambiance, variety, unspoiled majesty and splendor of fourteen of the world's most unique cities. These captivating destinations have all been singled out as offering a myriad of attributes, lifestyles, customs, landmarks and features which make each city the only one of its kind in the world.

Neither a tour guide nor a museum tour, CITIES OF THE WORLD journeys into the daily lives, the stories and myths, gathering places and worship halls of different people. Where the past explains the present and through the evolution of generations, you will experience the stories and lives of these great cities and their inhabitants.


Jaipur- A city in Northern India and capital city of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is widely known in its region as an important transportation junction and commercial center for the area. A wall six meters thick protects Jaipur's treasures. Among them an astronomical observatory, the vast palace of the Maharajas, and the University of Rajasthan, with its breathtaking architecture. Visit the people of this Indian state and see their daily lives, most revolving around the large banking business, railroad workshops or jewelry or textile plants.

Srinagar- Located on the Jhelum river, Srinagar is within the valley of the Jhelum, known as the vale of Kashmir, and its capital of the Indian-controlled portion of disputed territory administered as the Jammu and Kashmir state. This resort and tourist center contains many old buildings and extensive Buddhist ruins. It is moreover known for the 7 th century temple within it and 16 th century fort. Srinagar is also a center for manufacture of carpets, silk and wood.

Madras- Located on the southern tip of India, Tamil Nadu is a large state which boasts 900 kilometers of shoreline on the Indian Ocean. Madras is the capital of Tamil Nadu, a city rich in history, legends and monuments. Today Madras is the fourth largest city in all India, and has long been an important southern port. Among the sights and attractions of Madras are its magnificent temples like Kapilishwarar and Marina Beach, which stretches out between Madras and the Bay of Bengal, making this long strip of sand the longest beach in the world.

Jerusalem- Nestled in the hollow hills of Judea, the city of Jerusalem spreads out on a plateau at an altitude of 800 meters. Known for its many wonders and monuments, Jerusalem is usually associated with the term "religious center of the world," harboring Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike. Among the sites of Jerusalem are the Western Wall of the Holy Temple, where thousands come to pray each year, and the Dome of the Rock, which shines brightly in the sun. On your journey through Jerusalem you will venture through the "old city," which resembles a town in a history book and the ultramodern "new city" of Jerusalem.

Istanbul- Many of today's civilizations can trace their roots back to Turkey. Though the country boasts of its modern capital, Ankara, it remains deeply attached to its traditional roots in Istanbul. At the crossroads of the Golden Horn an Bosphorus, a world of exotic perfumes and spices awaits at the entrance to the Egyptian Market. Being a very sea-oriented city, Istanbul's main sites lies on the shore. Among the treasures of Istanbul are Dolmabahce Palace, which was built for the Sultan in 1843, Galata Bridge, where many of the townspeople fish, and Istanbul's marvel, the Topkapi palace.

Marrakech- Marrakech, in western Morocco, on the fertile Haouz plane is an important commercial city as well as a rail terminus and road and caravan center. This city, studded with date-palm oases, has many places of interest, especially to tourists. Among them, the city's ruined walls, twisting streets and markets, as well as the Sultan's palace and gardens, the 12 th century Koutoubia mosque, and the famed casino.

Phnom Penh- Located at the junction of the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers, in the southwestern part of Cambodia lies its capital, Phnom Penh. It is a major port, with an outlet to the South China sea, and is more widely known as a picturesque Asian city with an enduring French colonial flavor. Phnom Penh is home to many cultural and educational institutions: Among them the Museum of Phnom Penh, which houses a collection of artifacts dating from the 6 th century. Also, breathtaking Buddhist temples and palaces of former rulers ad to Phnom Penh's beauty.

Saigon- Currently Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon, a city in Southern Vietnam on the Saigon river near the fertile Mekong Delta, is an important commercial and economic center in its area. The city, which is divided into ten administrative units, has a varied architectural backdrop with a significant Chinese influence. Among the main points of interest in Saigon are the broad tree-lined boulevards with 19 th century colonial edifices including Notre Dame Cathedral and hotel dating from the colonial era.

Bangkok- Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is an enormous city of 5 million inhabitants, where modern and traditional elements combine to offer the visitor a unique experience. Until the 18 th century, Bangkok was a quiet fishing village, criss-crossed by canals known as "Klongs" and by paths for elephants, which were the only means of transportation at the time. Today motorcycles and cars have replaced elephants. The main points of interest in this mystical city are Siam Square, Bangkok's Chinatown, "Golden Mountain," and the flashing neon lights at night.

Havana- Le Habana in Spanish, Havana is the capital city and chief support of Cuba. The largest city in the West Indies, Havana is one of the oldest and most picturesque cities of the western hemisphere. Formerly a popular winter resort, Havana has some beautiful buildings, numerous magnificent residences, breathtaking parks and plazas, and broad, tree-lined boulevards. Among the important sites at Havana are Morro Castle, and Castilla de la Punta, which sit on opposite sides of the bay of Havana, as if to guard it. Other famous places in Havana include the beautiful cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, and Plaza de la Fraternidad.

Nairobi- The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, in the Nairobi district is situated in the highlands of the southern part of the country. Nairobi is Kenya's principal administrative, economic, and cultural center as well as being one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. One of the major tourist attractions is the Nairobi National Park, a large wildlife preserve on the outskirts of the city. Among the other points of interest are the busy municipal market and nearby bazaar, as well as the parliament buildings, the famous Sorsbic Art Gallery, and the National Museum of Kenya, known for a display on early humans in Africa.

Dakar- Dakar, Senegal's colorful capital, is a meeting place for the African and European cultures which travel there by train or plane. Today, it is a city of sky-scraper lined streets and big industry which draws many young people seeking opportunity. As the visitor leaves the city and goes further inland, another world unfolds, a more ancestral Africa, a more mysterious realm. From Independence Square, to Dakar's Soumbedioune bay, the tourist sights in Dakar are almost endless.

La Valette- Its past dating back to the Knights of the Order, La Valette boasts beautiful religious edifices which include the remarkable St. John's Cathedral. Other historic landmarks include Girolamo Cessar's Auberge of Castille & Leon, Auberge de Provence, the Armoury and the only Baroque theatre remaining in the world- The Manoel.

Like most Southern Europeans, the inhabitants of La Valette are friendly, easy-going beach dwellers who mostly live in the open air and enjoy a vibrant night life.

St. George- The island which the native Caribbeans call Camohagne was discovered by Christopher Columbus during his third trip in 1498. he called in Conception. Later it was rebaptized Grenada by the Spanish. The capital of St. George's is one of the most beautiful ports in the Caribbean with its 18 th and 19 th century buildings, in a mixture of bricks and stone, which flow down to the sea. St. George's unfolds like an amphitheater over green hills on one side and the headland on the other, which splits the town into two and shelters the port, one of the most agreeable moorings in the Caribbean.

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