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Category :   Cultural, Travel & Adventure


Bahamas Contrary to popular belief, the Bahamas are not a part of the Caribbean Islands- They comprise over 700 islands (more than the entire Caribbean Islands) of which about hardly fifty are inhabited. Its seas display the largest range of hues of the Caribbean region; from the royal blue of the Abyssal trenches in Tongue to the milky turquoise of the beaches in Long Island and the green of the shoals on Great Abaco or Exumas. Tourism, which employs two out of three islanders, is the largest industry- People come to the Bahamas for big game fishing, scuba diving and to bask on the endless beaches. Nassau, on New Providence, is the largest city in the Bahamas. It is a city torn between the nostalgia of a colonial past and a flourishing present- A result of robust tourism and being a tax haven. We will also visit the resorts on vibrant Paradise Island and the peaceful beaches of the Famylies, Out Islands, Walker's Cay and Bimini (located only fifty miles from Florida).

Bali An Indonesian island just east of Java, Bali boasts a tropical climate and fertile soil, allowing for an abundance of scenic and sometimes unusual wilflife. Coupled with a mountainous and volcanic facade, and a culture renowned for its delicacy of arts and crafts, it is not difficult to see why Bali is sometimes called the "Jewel of the East."

Burma Situated off the Bay of Bengal, and bordering China, India, Laos and Thailand, Burma attracts thousands because of its beautiful large mountain ranges which lay to the North and East. As well as its breathtaking river valleys. You will travel the fertile Irrawaddy River Valley and experience the magic that is Burma through its indigenous life. You will also see such sights as Mount Victoria and experience the place called the Gulf of Marraban from which mystical stories have come.

Cambodia An intriguing look in to the land that has undergone political turmoil and sustained flourishing cultures. Along your journey in to Cambodia you will visit Phnom-Penh, the Kampuchean capital as well as the country's winding coasts and mountainous terrain. You will be amazed by the vast diversity of peoples, animals, and scenery that exists in Cambodia following the scenic route along the Mekong river from Laos to Thailand.

Cuba A seemingly bland country at first glance, Cuba's mysticism is revealed by examining the true beauty that lies within. A 'diamond in the rough,' of sorts, Cuba has vast grasslands contrasted by rough terrain on the outskirts of the capital, Savannah, and mountainous terrain scattered about the Island. You will also tour Cuba's famed sugar cane fields and beaches of golden sand.

French Antilles Known as one of the greatest vacation spots on the Caribbean sea, the French Antilles is comprised of the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, and St. Martin. Each island has wonders of its own that draw tourists from the world over. Among them, the tropical beaches of Martinique, the great diving areas of St. Martin, and Guadeloupe's breathtaking gulf coast. See the vacation spot of the Rich and Famous and the people within.

Indonesia Just north of Australia lies a land that has managed to preserve its beauty despite having to carry the burden of a weak economy; that land is the country of Indonesia. With more than 13,000 islands belonging to it, Indonesia has an awful lot to offer the senses. From the sprawling colors of its jungles to the sound of nature that can be heard whispering through the trees.

Israel Jerusalem, capitol of Israel is a religious, cultural and tourist capital of the western world, but if you go further in to Israel, you will find a beautiful people and natural setting that are unsurpassed in the world. From Masada, rich in history, to Eilat, resort town to the rich and famous, the sights abound. Visit tropical forest, arid desert, breathtaking waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, all from your living-room.

Ivory Coast One of the best kept secrets in the world, the Ivory Coast contains some of the world's most beautiful beaches, people and natural settings in existence. A myriad of tourist sites include the capital city of Abidjan, and the historical French-style buildings that lie within, as well as breathtaking mountain ranges and rivertowns.

Kashmir Nestled in the folds of the Himalayan chain of Karakorum, Kashmir is bordered by Pakistan, China, Tibet and the Indian Union, to which is belongs. According to legend, Kashmir was once covered by a lake. Whether it is true or not, water is omnipresent- All trading is done using flat-bottomed boats called Shikaras. Kashmir is internationally renowned for the quality of its shawls and carpets weaved with a unique wool called Shatoosh which comes from domesticated Ladkah goats that live at high altitudes in severe freezing weather.

Srinagar, the capital, was founded by the great Buddhist emperor Ashoka. In it are the four marvelous Moghol gardens of which Shalimar is the most majestic and famous. Not far from the gardens lie the Mosque of Azralbal, the center of the 90% Muslim population of present day Kashmir. Beyond that, we will visit the Kashmir Valley, one of the key passageways of the Silk Road.

Kenya On the equator in Eastern-Central Africa sits Kenya, a land of many wonders. See the breathtaking Rift-Valley from the capitol, Nairobi, to the famed Lake Rudolf. Follow the Alhi and Tana rivers through the land to beautiful Formosa Bay and see the amazing sunsets from historical Lake Victoria.

Leeward Islands The northern group of the lesser Antilles in the West Indies, the Leeward Islands, include the Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Anguilla, Antigua, St. Kitts-Nevis, and Montserrat. This small group boasts some of the greatest tourism in the world, each island with its own special attributes. From the beautiful Antiguan beaches to the tropical facade of the Virgin Islands. In the Leeward Islands, there is never a minute wasted.

Malta Standing out of the Mediterranean Sea like a rock, Malta is best known for its turbulent past. Lying only 62 miles from Sicily, Malta was always a bridge between Europe and Africa and a strategic location which has been held by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, French and Byzantines among others- All of which left visible traces of their rule. Finally, Charles the Fifth of Spain gave Malta to the Companions of the Order of St. Jean. This unique combination of ruling empires created a very diverse culture in a tiny area.

Mauritius With its breathtaking volcanic topography, Mauritius joins Reunion Island and Rodriguez Island to make up the Masquerine archipelago. Port Louis is the Island's enchanting capital with industry contrasting old-world side-by-side. The people of Mauritius come from many different countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa and offer the rest of the world a not often encountered example of tolerance and harmony. You will see the Pomplomus gardens, which are some of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world today, as well as the surrounding seas and turquoise lagoons.

Morocco In Northwest Africa lies Morocco, a country of mountains, desert and extended seafronts. Its mountains are natural water basins for the Wadis that dig valleys all the way to the ocean and are home to several massifs, namely the Rif and Atlas. In the Sahara, we will witness some of the most spectacular desert landscapes in the world covered by date palms and inhabited by the Tuareg people. Morocco's population consists of two main ethnic groups- The Arabs who conquered the country in 681, and the Berbers, the oldest ethnic group in the country. In this program, we will learn about the lifestyle and traditions of the Berbers- Their various forms of traditional housing; nouala, khaima and casbahs, their marketplace; the souk, and their own ethnic divisions. Our more urban destinations will include Casablanca, home of the Great Mosque, Marrakech, the former capital of ancient monarchies and Fez, the political and intellectual heart of the Western Islamic religion.

New Caledonia Known as one of the richest sources for metal ore, New Caledonia is a small island just east of Australia. It has a population consisting mainly of Europeans but some native Indians remain on the island. The original Indians that inhabited the island were all but exterminated by French settlers 3 to 4 generations ago. Tour the rugged countryside and the breathtaking beaches. See the people's customs and way of life, and enjoy the nature that will envelope you.

Rajasthan It is in northwest India that lies one of the most traveled tourist spots of middle-Asia; That spot is the Indian State of Rajasthan. Divided between the Thar Desert in the West and the Fertile Deccan plateau in the east, Rajasthan has a wide range of beautiful natural foliage. Contrasting the people and wildlife of rural Rajasthan are those settlements more near the Capital, Jaipur. Even more of a contrast comes as one nears the capital of India, New Delhi.

Senegal Washed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, Senegal whose name in Ouolof means "our pirogue," enjoys a pleasant subtropical climate. It gained independence on April 4, 1960 and became a part of the Mali Federation, a short-lived political union created by the fusion of Senegal and Sudan which later gave birth to Senegal and Mali. Dakar, Senegal's capital, is the meeting point of African and European civilizations. The original inhabitants, the Lebus, were first invaded by the Portuguese in 1444 who introduced the slave trade and years of anguish to Africa. St. Louis, founded by French colonists in 1659 and named after King Louis XIV, is full of historical vestiges and French influence shown especially in its architecture- It soon became the first permanent trading post in Senegal. Finally, we will embark on a journey to the spectacular Diouloulou and Bolon Rivers of this flat yet abundantly wet territory- One of the most picturesque in West Africa.

Seychelles An Island country in the Indian Ocean just north of Madagascar, Seychelles is composed of about 90 islands with the capital, Victoria, on the island of Mahe'. Being how the Seychelles economy is based on tourism, it obviously attracts many people to its beautiful beaches and breathtaking countryside. Visit the Amirante Islands and see the amazing coral reefs of Mahe' Island.

Southern India Southern India is comprised of two states- Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is in Tamil Nadu that the great kingdoms of Pallava, Cholla and Pandya flourished giving rise to the architectural and sculptural masterpieces that are the cities Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram, Tanjore and Madurai. We will visit Madras, the fourth largest city in India which lies on the Bay of Bengal and boasts what is said to be the largest beach in the world. In this episode, we will also explore Hinduism which dates back over 4000 years and is both the main religion and a way of life in Tamil Nadu. Finally, we will visit Pondicherry, a 1683 trading post converted into an Ashram by the thinker Sri Aurobino. In Kerala, we'll travel to the mosques and temples of Malabar and Trivandrum, Kerala's capital sprawling across seven hills. Kerala also features over 400 forms of theatrical expressions many with sacred origins of great Hindu epics. Finally, we will explore the Ghat Mountains, a 932-mile range that borders the sea.

Tahiti A group of 130 islands of French Polynesia in the Southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti forms five archipelagos; four of which are of volcanic origin. Polynesians are of southeast Asian origin and arrived to the islands between 2000-1000 B.C. They are a people of the sea- After fishing, Polynesians race pirogues, called vaa, which are balanced by a thin outrigger. Their waters are home to notorious marine life among which is the manta ray (aka Devilfish or Sea Devil) which can have a 20-foot wingspan and weigh more than a ton. The moray eel, a fierce predator, is also a regular in the Polynesian waters. A more lucrative attraction in the ocean is the black pearl- A popular source of income on the islands.

Thailand As a primarily agriculture-based state, Thailand has many wonders for the eye to see. On your journey through Thailand you will visit the Bilauktaung Mountain range, travel along the coast of the fascinating Gulf of Thailand, and visit with indigenous people of Thailand's semi-industrial capital, Bangkok. Your tour will also take you throughout the Malay Isthmus and along the Ping River through the country.

Turkey Sight of the former Ottoman Empire and covering most of the Anatolian Plateau, Turkey is a major Eurasian tourist center, relying on tourism for most of its foreign exchange. Visit the city rich in history, Istanbul and tour Ankara, Turkey's capital city. Sail the Bosporus Strait and visit the culturally rich people of Asia Minor; Take a trip like never before.

Vanuatu Northwest of New Caledonia, the archipelago of Vanuatu contains 200 islands which extend for 500 miles and offers one of the last preserved regions of the planet. Ninety-three percent of the 180,000 inhabitants are Malaysian - They speak a language known as Beach-la-Mar which unites the 105 different dialects of Vanuatu. The islands are also plentiful in natural treasures which we will visit and include the Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island, the Letas Volcanic Lake on Gaua Island, exotic diving destinations in Santo and the various endangered species that live in the turquoise waters of the archipelago.

Windward Islands Located in the southern half of the lesser Antilles, the Island of Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent form the archipelago known as the Windward Islands. The tropical climate in this region of the Caribbean make it a sailor's paradise. Among the places that you will see are the mountainous island known as Dominique, with its traditional wooden homes, St. Lucia with its densely vegetated facades and crystal clear coastal waters, and St. Vincent and Granada with their golden beaches and exotic marketplaces.

Zanzibar In the 17 th century, after the Omani drove the Portuguese out of the African East Coast, the Sultan of Oman took control of Zanzibar and the neighboring regions. After the Sultanate died, his empire was divided between his two sons and Zanzibar split under the rule of the younger son. Not spared by colonization, England imposed a protectorate on the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. Gaining independence in 1963, Zanzibar united with Tanganyika to form Tanzania. This rich island also includes abundant clove plantations, the exportation of ivory and a robust tourist industry.

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