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7 X 46 Min


Category :   Cultural, Travel & Adventure


EQUINOX conveys the majesty and wonders found in the Equatorial region of South America - The history, natural marvels and people that conjure images of intrigue and exotic distant lands. The series interweaves dramatizations to tell the history of this continent (in the first three episodes) and the major natural wonders (in the final four episodes).

The Historical Heritage

Episode I: Stars and Ancestors 10000 B.C. - 1533 A.D. The first episode in EQUINOX covers the pre-Colombian period and studies the first indigenous culture recognized in South America, the Valdivians.

A magic vision from the beginning of human presence in these lands of Equinox. Three characters: the Shaman, the Man and the Woman go through cultures and times, embody the different protagonists of each episode. Its trip through time conducts us along with the cultures that lived at the Pacific coast and also with powerful lordships in the Andes. Ceramic, textiles, the navigation on a balsa raft, the original cult dedicated to a sacred shell and to gold. All of this, with shamanic ceremonies and guided by the Gods of Nature.

Suddenly warriors from the South, from Cuzco, appear, to dominate and add these land to the Inca Empire. The legend called Pachacuti foretell the arrival of bearded conquerors and something else...

Episode II: Quito - Legends of A City 1534-1790 This episode commences at the end of the English influence and beginning of Spanish colonialism in Latin America. The English promoted independence in many countries and trained the natives to combat Spanish control - All of the Liberators were Masons...

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