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12 X 52 Min


Category :   Cultural, Travel & Adventure


THE NATURAL CURIOSITIES OF EUROPE ( I & II ) Each European country features an exceptional array of natural sites. These specific locations represent unique phenomena which are a result of the life and evolution of our planet. Among the places we will visit are: The Giant's Causeway (IRELAND), the Stokker Geyser (ICELAND), the Enchanted City (SPAIN), El Torcal (SPAIN), Prekestolen (NORWAY), Vulcano (SICILY), Pont-d'Arc (FRANCE), and the Petrified Thrones of Lesbos (GREECE).

THE GIANTS OF EUROPE This episode unveils over twenty different sites across Europe; Each natural wonder featured is a superlative in one aspect or another. Among the places we will travel to are: The Dune of Pyla (FRANCE), the Glacier of Altesch (SWITZERLAND), the Cliffs of Moher (IRELAND), Mont-blanc (FRANCE), the Cirque de Gavarnie (FRANCE), the Danube (ROMANIA), the Gorges of the Dunajec (POLAND), the Falls of Krimml (AUSTRIA), the Hardangervidda (NORWAY), the Vatnajokull glacier (ICELAND), Cervin (SWITZERLAND), Chasm of Pierre Saint Martin (FRANCE), Mount Etna (SICILY), the Sognesfjord (NORWAY), the Torre Trieste (ITALY).

THE MAJOR NATURAL PARKS OF EUROPE As Sanctuaries of a protected environment, these areas of unspoiled nature offer a variety of settings and experiences. In this program, we will visit six magnificent natural parks- Port Cros (FRANCE), Gran Paradisio (ITALY), Donana (SPAIN), Bayerstenwald (GERMANY), Rosca Letea on the Danube (ROMANIA) and Sarek (SWEDEN).

EUROPE'S MOST BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES Europe offers an astonishing array of landscapes; green plains, valleys, plateaus and mountain ranges- all among the most spectacular in the world. In this episode, we will visit eight regions: Each offers unrivaled uniqueness and magnificent beauty: the Meteors (GREECE), the Algarve Coast (PORTUGAL), the Dolomites (ITALY), the Norwegian Fjords (NORWAY), the Connemara (IRELAND), Lake Mitvan (ICELAND), the Baviere (GERMANY), the Rigi (SWITZERLAND).

THE VOLCANOS OF EUROPE A profound and spectacular discovery of the major volcanic features in Europe. Through the camera's eye, the film inexorably brings these phenomena extremely close to us. The following sites will be visited in this episode : The Chain of Puys (FRANCE), Olot (SPAIN), Santorin (GREECE), Vesuvius (ITALY), Solfatara (ITALY), Hingvellir (ICELAND), Askja (ICELAND), Hekla (ICELAND), Haimaey (ICELAND), Surtsey (ICELAND), Stromboli (SICILY), Lipari (SICILY), Vulcano (SICILY) and Etna (SICILY).

EUROPE'S SUBTERRANEAN LANDSCAPES Europe possesses one of the richest natural underground heritages in the world. A mixture of enchantment and initiation into the discovery of a secret universe, this episode allows us to appreciate the astonishing diversity of subterranean sites. The program takes us through more than twenty grottos of major importance : Trabuc, Clamouse, Cabrespine, Bramabiau, les Demoiselles, Dargilan, Padirac, Pierre St-Martin, Gouffre berger, Aven Marzal, Aven d'Orgnac, Aven Armand (FRANCE), Ledenika (BULGARIA), Dobsina, Punkevni (CZECHOSLOVAKIA), Cardona (SPAIN), Amalfi, Capri (ITALY), Dachstein, Eisriesenwelt (AUSTRIA), Wieliczka (POLAND), Peak Cavern (GREAT BRITAIN), Grottes de Han (BELGIUM), Grotte de Zante (GREECE).

NATURAL SITES OF MYTH AND LEGEND These natural sites have nourished myths and inspired authors to use them as the settings for the adventures of legendary heroes. The evocation of writings, history or myth only serves to set off the very special beauty of the landscape. Chosen for their universality, among the sites we will visit are : Loch Ness, the Road of Ulysses, the Carpathians (The Myth of Dracula), the Forest of Broceliande (Merlin and the Magician), the Lorelei, the Desert of evil deeds, Santorin (Atlantis), the Road of the Trolls, William Tell...

EXTRAORDINARY LANDSCAPES Europe has exceptional landscapes, natural surroundings that will take your breath away... Nature's elements have created fabulous places, presented in six chapters with spectacular images we visits : The desert of Tabernas (SPAIN), the volcanic desert of Odadahraun (ICELAND), the Vatnajokull (ICELAND), the Biebrza valley (POLAND), Ouessant island (FRANCE), the Matterhorn (SWITZERLAND).

ISLANDS OF DREAM The omnipresent expression of coastal nature, the episode concentrates on four archipelagos with widely different characteristics - each a world unto itself, original and exciting :the folian Islande( SICILY), the Lofoten Islands (NORWAY), the Cyclades (GREECE), the Anglo-Normand Islands (GREAT BRITAIN).

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SHORES OF EUROPE Water and land intermingle and create an infinite variety of landscapes - landscapes that change as violent or languishing ocean tides come and go. Sights of surprising richness are everywhere to fascinate and stir your emotions : Camargue, Lagoon of Tindari (SICILY), Shorelines of Corsica, Lagoon of Rio de Aveiro (PORTUGAL), Banks of Bilho, Banks of Arguin (FRANCE), Zwyn National Reserve (BELGIUM), Cape Frehel (BRITTANY), Cliffs of Sileve Sleague (IRELAND), Islands and fjords of Norway, Headland of Denmark etc...

THE FAUNA OF EUROPE The impact of the expanding world of humans has decreased tremendously the habitat of some species. The only shelter found by those species is far away from human presence in the shelter of unspoiled nature. The episode takes an interest particularly in endemic species, highlights vertebrates and animals that are the most difficult to observes : chamois, beaver, otter, bear, lynx, wolf, jackal, reindeer, seal, porcupine, vulture, genet, eagle, hedgehog, lizard, viper, seagull, triton, puffin, stork, eal, salmon, etc..

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