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52 Min or 3 X 26 Min


Category :   Cultural, Travel & Adventure



Lanin National Park - Lanin National park is dominated by an immecse mountain of the same name, Indians of the area avoided Lanin, believing it to be the adobe of a powerful evil spirit. Lanin is not uniformly covered with dense forests. Although its terrain is mountainous, the park impresses the visitor with its spacious, open country. As a result, Lanin is seldom crowded and retains a pristine character.

Nahuel Huapi National Park - Centuries ago, Mapuche Indians gave the island a revealing name: Nahel Huapi (Tiger Island). Today, Nahuel Huapi is one of the oldest and most popular national parks in South America. The park encompasses a variety of landforms and vegetative communities because it extends from the highest peaks of the continental divide to the beginnings of the parched plains - an instructive cross section through temperate South America ecosystems.

Los Alerces National Park - About the time Greek masons first set chisels to the stones they would fashion into the Pathenon, a gust of wind swept through an Andean glade, freed a tiny seed from its cone, and spun it to the forest floor. The seed lodged in a warm, moist spot, and soon sprouted and began to grow. Gautama Budha was born and died shile the tree grew on. The Crusaders tramped to Jerusalem, men learned to fly, and still the tree grew on... It still grow today in Los Alerces National Park and is one of the oldest libing things on the face of the earth.

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