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Category :   Cultural, Travel & Adventure


From the dramatic cliffs of Big Sur, to the fascinating Death Valley, the majestic vineyards of Napa to the magnificent Sequoias, the charm of San Francisco to the allure of Hollywood, surfing in Malibu to sandskiing on dunes in the Mojave Desert, the lushness of Yosemite to the arid Joshua Tree, California offers a varied landscape and countless natural wonders. As colorful as their land, Californians are just as wild, daring and adventurous. The combination of the two is the heart of ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA, a new IMAX (large format) film by Academy Award Nominee (for THE LIVING SEA), acclaimed cinematographer and veteran of 24-large format films (including the film EVEREST which is the first IMAX film to hit the top ten on the box office chart), Greg MacGillivray.

Our trilogy, WILD CALIFORNIA , is based on this large format film and divided into; The Dreamers, Risk Takers and Adventurers . The different segments in each show expand on the subjects covered in the film with some of the most spectacular photography imaginable and Greg MacGillivray's own unique insights as a California native

CALIFORNIA DREAMERS - Episode 1 California - The Golden State - but also a state of mind. A landscape tailor-made for the dreamer, the entrepreneur. California Dreamers, looks at the visionaries who shared a contagious belief that anything is possible. From the forty-niners who gambled for their pot of fortune during the Gold Rush during to Christopher Pook who, with the Long Beach Grand Prix, transformed a sleepy seaside town into an energized city. From visionaries like Walt Disney who sold his car to finance the first sound cartoon to Hewlett and Packard who spawned what is now Silicon Valley in a garage with 538 dollars. Dreamers seeks out those who risked it all to realize a dream.

RISK TAKERS - Episode 2 Majestic and rugged, California is a land of risk takers. IMAX filmmaker, Greg MacGillivray introduces us to daring spirits like ironworkers Bill Owens and Joe Van Bonn perilously working atop the Golden Gate Bridge... surfer Jeff Clark curling through the raging sea at Maverick's... hang-glider Kari Castle soaring over the Eastern Sierras... snowboarder Bryan Iguchi launching into snowy ramps... sky-surfer Troy Hartman plummeting, spinning and cart wheeling over San Diego... an 11-year-old amputee, Rudy Garcia-Tolson, steering his kayak through white water rapids. These are the daring innovators who have taken the risks and left their marks on Wild California.

ADVENTURERS - Episode 3 or adventurers everywhere, California symbolizes nature's power and grace. IMAX filmmaker, Greg MacGillivray, ventures forth with his kindred spirits as they explore the grandeur of California with a passion to protect it. Amelia Rudolph threads down a sheer granite face with her Bandaloop dancers to call attention to Yosemite Park's beauty and predicament. Steve Sillet scales giant Sequoias searching for clues to ensure the tree's survival. In Monterey Bay, Sue Campbell swims with orphaned sea otters to protect the endangered animal. Peter Sharpe ventures where only eagles dare to rescue threatened chicks on Catalina Island off the Southern California coast.

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