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58 Min


Category :   Soft Erotic & Bikini Programs

Daryl Hannah takes a camera with her as she researches her role for Michael Radford's improvisational film, Dancing at the Blue Iguana. Hoping to separate myth from truth, Hannah embarked on a search for a film or documentary portraying the reality of exotic dancers. Realizing the inaccuracies of these films, after many months of research in actual strip clubs where Daryl would spend evenings in the dressing rooms with the dancers she sought to emulate, Daryl decided to capture some of her own experiences.

Strip Notes is a rare and intimate view of the life of an exotic dancer at work. It also explores an actress's job of interpreting the human condition and communicating that on film.

Strip Notes takes us behind the scenes of an L.A. strip club and into the lives, minds and hearts of the dancers whose world it explores. Not only does it show Hannah learning the intricacies of exotic dancing, actually working in disguise, rehearsing and developing her character, but it also reveals the struggles and triumphs, laughter and tears which the women of the club share on a daily and nightly basis.

This fly-on-the-wall view of a world that is misunderstood was produced by Daryl Hannah and film partner Tenya "Castle" Neilsen who also comprised of the entire crew for this cinema verite documentary. Ironically, the two met when Castle was hired to teach Daryl the intricacies of pole dancing for Dancing at the Blue Iguana.

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